Just who is Ishbir Singh?


Why the big font?

I suck at designing. So this is the only thing that was easy to do and looked good.

What is a linguophile? Why do you call yourself that?

‘linguo’ means related to language. ‘phile’ is a derivation of the Greek word ‘philia’ which means love. I love languages!

What languages do you know?

Human languages: Punjabi, Hindi, English and Spanish. Learning Japanese.

Computer languages: PHP, Java, JavaScript, Python, C, C++, C#, Go, OpenCL and CUDA.

What kind of experiments do you do?

Well, pretty much anything and everything. I’ve worked with live wires, embedded systems like Arduino and MSP430, information security, networking, systems engineering and ofcourse, programming.

And the consequences?

Including but not limited to blown up fuses, ICs, damaged components, destroyed servers, BSODs, electric shocks, near death. Unpleasant. (Then there's also the glory of a job well done.)

Can I see your resume?

Sure, here it is.

You seem fun! How do I contact you?

Everyone says that. *no sarcasm*

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